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  • April 5, 2012. 92/366

  • Went to my ortho to get my impressions for my new retainers.
  • got stuff for our project.
  • picked up jacinda.
  • waited for my group to come, we cooked and recorded ourself!
  • ate what we cooked, like the sinigang!
  • got ready, waited for Branden to hit us up!
  • finally he called. got picked up by him, aj, and j. went to plaza went shopping. just bought 2shirts at forever.
  • thought about what to eat. went to hanaokas, sushiiii date! wahah. wcwb!
  • was aboutta go to TJ oyster bar, but it was closing so we didn’t
  • Dropped off J
  • had a lot of laughs and took so many pictures at Hanaokas.
  • ate sushi!
  • went on a tapex run saw vjayyy and marvin.
  • Dropped off jacinda, called her to see if she was safe. lol.
  • Branden and Aj sang to me, awe! lol
  • Got dropped off home and webcammed with jacinda, justis, and Andrew after I showeered. Fun Day! (:

91/366 April 4, 2012.

  • like at 3am, on the phone with keyann, kelsey, joseph, aj, &jeremy. 
  • hella laughed.
  • on the phone with #ms till 5am. fell asleep on him. lol
  • woke up around 9, got ready waited for kelsey
  • picked me up headed to keyann’s house!
  • andrea, kelsey, me, jacinda, and keyann made cookies.
  • sugar cookies and chocolate chip. the CC cookies didn’t really come out good.. Lol!
  • made videos Lol!
  • went home and webcammed.
  • Branden called me and said “WHERE ARE YOU?!” Lol, it was like 9pm and he wanted me and jacinda to go out with his “bros”. 3wayed jacinda and we finally decided to hangout tomorrow instead!

90/366 April 3, 2012.

  • 3rd day of spring vacation.
  • brother bought me mcdonalds. was hella hungryy.
  • finally instagram on android! but i still prefer iphone!
  • fed the reppies, and kept on bothering them since I was bored to death
  • then everyone kept calling me. wehh.
  • webcamming with bestfriend kiel ‘till he fell asleep. wahaha. (:
  • and webcammed with Rj & Ryan &andrew for a bit.

No picture~

April 2, 2012. 89/ 366

  • Practiced in my backyard. 
  • watched many youtube vids
  • sister took me out to eat sushi
  • watched a japanese movie.

April 1, 2012. 88/366

  • First day of break!!!! :DDD
  • Dropped off daddy at the airport. ): said goodbyes.
  • went back to sleep
  • jacinda went to my house around 12.
  • stretched and did activities.
  • went to michaela’s kick back bbq thinggg. (:
  • went home around 9. 
March 31, 2012. 87/366
  • went to a lot of places with the family.
  • tax returns
  • trimmed the the hair
  • got a manicure.
  • went to barona with family for dinner since my  dads leaving. ): weeeh.

March 30, 2012. 86/366.

  • School. Had a really chill day.
  • walked around with best friend at lunch the whole day!
  • got awards, hungout with my babylove nicole!
  • hungout with her, keishin, and jahi for a bit
  • got picked up and then my brother took me with him to buy a reptile/bunny.
  • he decided to get a baby bearded-dragon so we could watch it grow.
  • went out with mom and dad.
  • Busy friday.

march 29, 2012. 86/366

  • sex ed for physics.
  • picked our classes for next year.
  • got twirl hand-outs they’re so cute :3
  • 5th period was entertaining.
  • springfest song thingy for 6th period
  • goodday. =)

March 28, 2012. 85/366

  • Came home early
  • went to the bank with my mom
  • then bought neew shoes
  • uncles and little cousin came over to eat dinner at my house
  • *thanks jacky! :D